The beautiful Choir Building was built in the style of Old Russian chambers to the right from the Palace of Prince Oleg. It is believed that Choir building was given its name because choir rehearsals were held there, but originally the building was used as the living quarters and offices of the archiereus’s steward and treasurer. 

The Choir Building was erected when the Palace of Prince Oleg had only two floors. The layout of its rooms resembles that of a typical residential house. From seni you could get in the living quarters and offices. The building also had a well-planned heating system.

The Choir Building had a special room for petitioners. It was completely isolated from the rest of the house and even had a separate entrance. People came there with complaints and offers for Ryazan archiereuses.

Now the Choir Building is occupied by an interesting ethnographical museum. The interiors of the chambers of 17-18 centuries were restored in the rooms of the Choir Building. The interiors were made very realistic by wax figures in the clothes of that time. The expositions of traditional garments are on the first floor of the building.