The Caucasian natural biosphere reserve is very vast. In the southern part of Adygea is one of the zones of the Caucasian reserve, which occupies large areas of the Northern slope of the Caucasus mountain range. Most of the attractions in Adygea can be visited along the route from the village of Kamennomostsky to the Lago-Naki plateau. Another interesting attraction, Guam gorge, is located a little to the side of Kammenomostsky village and belongs to the Krasnodar region.

The Guam gorge in the riverhead of the Kurjpis river is one of the most famous attractions of these places. A very picturesque gorge stretches for 4 kilometers deep into the mountain range. There is a narrow gauge railroad in a gorge, so tourists can use this train to make a small trip. However, the problem is that during running a train the gorge is closing for feet walks, which certainly much more interesting than watching beauty of gorge from train window. 

For hiking, the gorge is open until 11am or late in the evening. The train does not run on Tuesdays. Hiking in the gorge is possible throughout the whole day.

Two of the most interesting sights of Adygea are Hodjokh gorge and waterfalls Rufabgo, located in Kamennomostskiy village. The Hodjokh is a narrow gorge with a height of about 35 meters and a width of only 5-6 meters, which the Belaya river broke through in the mountain range. It is located in the village itself, and in the immediate vicinity you can see the Rufabgo Waterfalls. These are several cascades of the small Rufabgo river, which flows into the Belaya river. They are exceptionally picturesque among the layered structure of the rocks.

If you move towards the village of Guzeripl, you should make a stop at the Granite Canyon. It is located 12 kilometers from the village of Dakhovskaya. This is probably the main attraction of Adygea, as it is rare to find places in the world where a small river was able to break through such a beautiful canyon among the powerful granite rocks.

From the village of Guzeripl, a small mountain road of good quality leads to the plateau of Lago-Naki, to a place called the Stone Sea. There is a small campsite where you can park your car and climb the plateau to admire the beautiful mountain scenery.

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Granite canyon of the Belaya river - one of the most beautiful sights of Adygea
Former Stone bridge hadzhohsk gorge in the village of Kamennomostskiy
Guam gorge is one of the most beautiful places on the Northern slopes of the Middle Caucasus
The Heart of Rufabgo - the most beautiful among the waterfalls on the river Rufabgo
The Stone Sea mountain range is the most famous place for trekking on the plateau of Lago Naki in Adygea
View of the Greater Caucasus range from the plateau of Lago-Naki in Adygea
Maiden (Cossack) stone in the middle of the road from the village of Kamennomostsky to the village of Dakhovskaya
The drop slopes of the river Kurdzhips in the Guam gorge is 82 meters. There are many beautiful rapids and waterfalls
In some places, the rocks of The Guam gorge up to 400 meters meet almost closely
The rocks of The Guam gorge formed in the Jurassic period have a layered structure and different colors
Granite canyon of the White river in Adygea extends for 4 kilometers
Turquoise waters of the White river among the pink rocks of granite in The Granite canyon
Winding banks and stormy rapids make the White river very difficult for rafting
Maiden Spit waterfall (20 m) - the highest of Rufabgo waterfalls
Waterfall Cascade on the river Rufabgo
The roots of the trees in the gorge of the river Rufabgo
View of the ridge Stone Sea on the rise of the plateau of Lago-Naki
Trails for hiking on the mountain plateau Lago-Naki in Adygea
Former Stone bridge is the main attraction of the Hadzhohskaya canyon in Adygea
Hadzhohskaya tasnina gorge has a width of only 5-6 meters, and a depth of 30 meters