Gelendzhik Embankment is the pride of the city`s residents. It stretches for 9 kilometers along the coast of Gelendzhik Bay from Thick to Thin Cape. Promenade of Gelendzhik is the longest among all Russian resorts, and one of the longest waterfronts in the world.

Almost the entire length of the Gelendzhik Embankment is decorated with white stone; there are many fountains, various sculptures and green spaces. Usually, it is easier to create a resort atmosphere in small coastal villages, but here the city authorities have managed to do this in full, even though Gelendzhik is a large city.

There are many tourists everywhere on the Gelendzhik embankment, but the most crowded section is located in the Central part of the city, closer to Thick Cape. This section has a length of 3 kilometers from the Central square, to the sanatorium Sunny Beach.

In the Central square, there is a stage where various events are often held in the evenings. Here, in front of the piers where excursion ships are moored, there is a sculpture "White bride". It immediately became a symbol of Gelendzhik. As you know, Gelendzhik means "White bride" in Turkish.

On the Central square, Pervomaisky city garden overlooks the embankment, and behind the shopping center is an even more beautiful Park area - the Garden of the city of Hildesheim. Next to it is located the Historical Museum, which is worth visiting for all those interested in the history and culture of the Caucasus region.

Near the Museum, there is the park of Kallithea and the Oceanarium of Gelendzhik, and a little further is the Square of Lermontov, where you can see light and music fountain performance every evening. Here begins the most beautiful area of Lermontov Boulevard, which stretches for several kilometers along the Embankment of Gelendzhik.