Local history Museum of Gelendzhik

The Local history Museum of Gelendzhik is located on the city`s Embankment, near Lermontov square. It is worth visiting if you are interested in the history and culture of the Caucasus region on the Black sea.

The historical Museum of Gelendzhik was created on the initiative of Mikhail Reinicke in 1909. In those years, there was only a small holiday village, and its residents formed a society for the development of Gelendzhik. The archaeological finds of Professor Sakhanev served as the basis for the collection of the historical Museum of Gelendzhik. After the Civil war, in 1920, the Museum resumed its work. In 1964, the Museum`s collections were placed in the building on the embankment, where the Torikos theater used to be located.

Today, the historical Museum of Gelendzhik consists of 5 halls: Nature, Archeology, Old Gelendzhik, Adyghe antiquities, In the Name of Victory. Of particular interest are the finds of archaeological expeditions that were carried out on the site of ancient settlements on the Black Sea coast.