Pervomaisky city garden in Gelendzhik photo

Pervomaisky city garden is located on the Central square. This is one of the Park areas that surround the Gelendzhik Seafront promenade in the Central district. Pervomaisky city garden was created first in the city, when it began to turn from a holiday village into a city.

A flower installation "Gelendzhik" is placed in front of the entrance to Pervomaisky city garden. Next to it, all tourists are photographed. Throughout the summer, flowers are planted here to keep this flowerbed blooming.

The trees that grow in the square were planted decades ago, so it is always cool in their shade. People from the Central beach like to come here on hot days. In the depths of Pervomaisky city garden in 1964, a monument to Lenin was erected. Nearby is a Memorial stone, which in the same year was installed in honor of the 100th anniversary of Gelendzhik.