Gelendzhik Bay is closed on both sides by two capes: Thick and Thin. The Gelendzhik seafront promenade stretches for 9 kilometers from one Cape to another. The beaches of Gelendzhik are located in different parts of this embankment. Despite the beaches are located in an urban area, the water is quite clean here.

The beaches of Gelendzhik have different names. In the resorts of the Caucasus coast of the Black sea, beaches are usually covered with pebbles, but in Gelendzhik long ago began to bring sand to the beach. Now most of the beaches in the Central zone have a sandy surface. It is renewed every season, after the rain in some places pebble appear, but still sand prevails here.

From the side of Cape Thick, the Central beach stretches for 1 kilometer. It is the widest and has the most sand. Naturally, there are more people here, but not so much as to feel cramped. Nearby there are Beaches: Sports, Gelendzhik-2, Gardens of the Seas, Polar Star and dozens of beaches belonging to various sanatoriums and hotels. Access to some beaches is limited, but in any case, there are no problems with swimming in Gelendzhik anywhere.

Fans of swimming in wild places can also find interesting beaches near Gelendzhik, outside the city zone. In Thick Cape, there are a few wild beaches beyond the Gelendzhik Bay. If you have a car, you can go to the surrounding villages: Divnomorskoe, Dzhankhot, Praskoveyevka. There you can see wonderful natural attractions: Parus Rock and Blue Abyss. Some people like to swim on a thin strip of beach, under a sheer rock that stretches along the coast from Gelendzhik to Divnomorskoe.