Saint Ascension Cathedral of Gelendzhik

Saint Ascension Cathedral of Gelendzhik is located 200 meters from the Central beach, in the area of the Sea Station. It was built in 1904. At that time, Gelendzhik was still a Holiday village, but it was already large enough to start building a Cathedral.

In 1952, the Cathedral was closed, but its premises were transferred to the Museum, where it was planned to place archaeological exhibits. This saved the building from destruction. Thus, when the Cathedral was returned to the Church in 1990, it needed only a small repair. The historic Church building has been preserved.

The Cathedral is built in the form of a cross. Above the altar is a large dome with 4 small decorative domes around. A bell tower has been erected over the entrance to the Cathedral. The exterior and interior decoration are made in the Byzantine style.

For all decades, the Saint Ascension Cathedral was the main temple of Gelendzhik, however, in 2020, a new large Cathedral of St. Andrew was consecrated. The new Cathedral is located on the Sukhum highway, at the entrance to the city from Novorossiysk.