In the historical center of Gamla Stan, in the middle of dense urban development, stands the high spire of the German Church of St. Gertrude. Although more often it is called simply the German Church (Tyska kyrkan). It was built by German merchants, in an area where mostly Germans lived.

Saint Gertrude of Nivelle lived in the 7th century in Nivelle (Belgium). Immediately after her death, she was canonized. Saint Gertrude is the patron Saint of travelers and sailors. Its veneration is very common in the Netherlands and Germany.

The Church was founded during the reign of king Johan III. In 1573, he allowed the Germans to form a separate Lutheran parish. At first they worshipped in the Riddarholmen Church, but then a small chapel of the Lutheran German Church was built in the Gamla Stan area in 1606. In 1642, the architect Hans Jacob Christler built a two-nave Church, which has preserved to this day.

The height of the spire of the German Church reaches 86 meters. It is made of brick and sheathed with copper sheets. The spire that we see now was made in 1878. The Church bells ring various tunes 4 times a day.

You should go inside the Church. In 1878, after a fire in the Church, the architect Karl Rushdorf updated not only the spire, but also the interior of the Church. It has kept its appearance in the Baroque style, but there were elements of neo-Gothic. The bright stained glass Windows were made in Munich. They light up the Church very nicely. The altar is made of wood and decorated with gilded sculptures.