The Nobel Museum is located on Stortorget square in the heart of Gamla Stan. It can be of interest to anyone who is interested in science, as it is dedicated to the activities of the outstanding Swedish chemist and engineer Nobel, the Nobel prize, as well as Nobel laureates and their inventions.

Alfred Nobel, who lived in the 19th century, owns 355 patents, and his most famous invention is dynamite. He bequeathed his entire fortune to establish the Nobel prize, which is given for outstanding inventions in physics, chemistry, medicine, in literature, and for contributions to peace. This award was established in 1901, and the Museum opened in 2001 for its centenary.

The Nobel Museum was opened on the main square of the old city in the building of the former Stock Exchange. The Museum has many interactive panels dedicated to various Sciences and inventions. You can even conduct real scientific experiments here.

The main task of the Museum is to spread the memory of the Nobel laureates and their achievements. Portraits of these laureates are not scattered on the walls. There are so many of them that the walls would not be enough, but the Museum has a continuously moving tape where you can see portraits of hundreds of Nobel laureates and information about their inventions.