The building of the Riksdag (Parliament) of Sweden is located on the small island of Helgeandsholmen, opposite the Royal Palace. Parliament occupies half of this island,and the rest is a beautiful Park.

In the 19th century, the Swedish Parliament was four-chamber, where representatives of the nobility, Church, burghers and peasants were elected. In 1865, as part of a constitutional change, the Parliament was transformed into a bicameral one. The reformed Parliament is located in the largest building of Riddarholmen island. However, at the end of the 19th century, it was decided to build a new building of the Riksdag. In the same building, it was decided to house the Bank of Sweden.

To implement the project, the architect Aaron Johanson was assigned the entire island of Helgeandsholmen. In 1905, the building was built. The monumental neoclassical facade faces the Royal Palace, while the other semicircular part faces lake melaren. The architect was even criticized that the twelve-column portico looks no less luxurious than the Royal Palace. In 1971, the Parliament became unicameral. In the same year, the Bank of Sweden decided to move to another building.

For tourists, the old part of the Riksdag is open, where you can see the monumental interiors. There is a Museum display of paintings, sculptures and other art objects. The Riksdak meeting room is also open to ordinary citizens, who can come to the balcony and listen to the meetings.