The National Museum is located on the promenade of the island of Blasieholmen in Stockholm. It is the largest Art Museum in Sweden, where paintings by famous European artists are collected. There are many paintings of artists from Scandinavia.

The Museum is based on a collection that was started by Swedish king Gustav Vasa. A great contribution to the collection was made by the Swedish Ambassador to France, Carl Gustav Tessin, who collected a valuable collection of paintings by French artists of the 18th century. King Gustav III supplemented the collection with paintings by famous Dutch artists, and passed it into the possession of the state. Now more than 16 thousand paintings and sculptures are stored here.

In 1866, the German architect August Stüler built a beautiful building of the National Museum in the style of the Italian Renaissance. In 2018, it was reopened after a lengthy renovation.

In the National Museum you can see many paintings by famous artists of France and the Netherlands. There are also interesting collections of artists from Sweden and Norway. The most famous of them are: Andreas Zorn and Alexander Roslin. In a separate hall there are works by Impressionists, including artists from Scandinavia.

Several exhibitions are dedicated to Applied Art. There is a huge collection of Scandinavian porcelain, a valuable collection of tapestries from various countries. Swedish design items are widely represented: textiles, metal, ceramics, and glass.