The Royal Opera in Stockholm was established on the initiative of king Gustav III in 1782. The beautiful neoclassical Opera house with a Corinthian portico is located near the Royal Palace and the Riksdag.

The first performance of the Opera Thetis and Peleus by the newly created theater company was staged in 1782 in the Ballroom of the Royal Palace, and in 1785 the Royal Opera house was built, and the first premiere in the new theater building was the Opera Cora and Alonso.

In 1891, it was decided to demolish the Opera house and build a more spacious one in its place. The new building Of the Royal Opera in Stockholm was designed by the architect Anderberg in 1898, under king Oscar II. It is now called the Oscarian Opera.

Since the Theater is Royal, its interiors are made in the Palace style. The Royal Opera house has a capacity of 1,200 spectators. The Golden foyer is very impressive. It is 28 meters long and 8 meters wide. Its walls are covered with gilded stucco. It hosts concerts by chamber orchestras. The Royal foyer is made in the same luxurious style.