Havus Island is the first stop in the Ladoga Skerries Nature Reserve, if you are going on a motor boat tour from Sortavala. It is located at the exit of the channel that connects Sortavala with the open water of Lake Ladoga

The territory of Havus Island is quite large. From the eastern shore, it is separated from the mainland only by a narrow channel, which can only be passed by kayak and not every year. On the shore near Havus Island and on the island itself there are several small villages. The island is connected to the shore of Lake Ladoga by a bridge that is built over the channel. 

All the beauty of Havus Island is on its eastern side, which can only be admired from a motor boat, from the open space of Lake Ladoga. Here you can see the rocky shore of Mount Haukkariutta. The height of the rocks of Havus Island, which descend directly into the waters of Ladoga, is more than 40 meters. In the center of the island there is another mountain Lakeamaki. 

The most picturesque on the steep granite cliffs of Havus Island are the pines, which grow absolutely on the steep slopes in a completely incomprehensible way. The height of these pines is several tens of meters, and their root system clings to the vertical granite slopes. It is completely unclear how they resist strong winds, which are common on Lake Ladoga.