Markatsimansaari Island on the Ladoga lake

Markatsimansaari Island is located south of Havus Island. Two islands: Markatsimansaari and Tamhanka have the shape of an arc, and inside them is a huge Quiet Bay with a rugged coastline. 

Markatsimansaari Island is located at the very exit to the open water of Lake Ladoga, but in the bay, the water is always calm in any direction and wind strength. There are several good places for camping and fishing in Quiet Bay, famous in the Ladoga Skerries Nature Reserve

Local fishermen say that there is a great fishing for pike, as the shores of the bay are overgrown with reeds. On the shores of Quiet Bay, there is a deciduous forest, but in many places, there are granite rocks, which in Ladoga are called "sheep`s foreheads".