Mount Rullahdenvuori on the Ladoga lake

Mount Rullahdenvuori is the highest point on the island of Montossaari. Usually, an excursion to the mountain is the main goal for small groups on motor boats, which tourists can rent in the village of Berezovsky. 

Rullahdenvouori Mountain is located 7 kilometers from the village of Berezovsky. Sailing from the pier in the village, you need to go around the island of Beloyarsky from the north and then sail along the southern shore of the island of Montossaari. In this place, you will see the picturesque scenery of the rocky coastline. On Ladoga, these granite rocks are called "sheep`s foreheads". 
Mount Rullahdenvuori is located on the southern shore of the island of Montossaari. It is located in the bay of Ahvenapayanlahti. From the water, Mount Rullahdenvuori looks like a rocky ridge, without a distinct peak. 

After landing on the beach, you can climb to the top of the mountain along the path. It offers a beautiful view of Lake Ladoga and the nearby large islands of Strela, Medvezhy, Yagodny and other smaller islands.