The small island of Laukku is located to the north of Honkasalo Island. These two islands are separated by very narrow channels. If you are sailing on a motor boat with a tour of the Ladoga Skerries Reserve, then you usually go to the channels of Laukku Island after visiting the Cracked Raven Gate rock on Kaarnetsaari Island

Unlike the southern part of the island of Hankosalo, its northern part, as well as the entire island of Laukku, is dominated by deciduous forests. This distinguishes it from other islands of the Ladoga Skerries Reserve. There are practically no granite rocks, polished by water, which are called in Ladoga "sheep`s foreheads". 

The width of the channel, which separates the island of Laukka from the island of Hankosalo, is about three dozen meters, and it is so shallow that in some places the motor of a small boat has to be lifted, otherwise it can touch the bottom or the trunks of trees that the beavers dump into this channel. At the narrowest point, the width of the channel does not exceed 15 meters. 

After the channel you get to the picturesque bay, which is located between the islands of Laukku and Hankosalo. If you go to Sortavala, you will need to sail along another narrow channel between Laukka Island and the south-eastern shore of Riekkalansaari Island, one of the largest islands in the Ladoga Skerries Reserve. In the north-western part of the island of Riekkalansaari, some districts of the city of Sortavala are located. 

The channels of Laukku Island are a great place for fishing. The banks of the channels and bays are overgrown with reeds and horsetails. The banks are dominated by deciduous trees. Sometimes these landscapes are more like ordinary Central Russian rivers, and not Karelia. However, even here there are small granite boulders.