The small island of Lehtosaari does not stand out from the hundreds of other islands in the Ladoga Skerries Reserve, but it is very conveniently located in close proximity to the island of Kaarnetsaari, where the famous cracked rock Raven Gate is located. 

To the Cracked Rock usually bring all tourists who travel around the reserve on a motor boat. If you want to see the typical ecosystem of the Ladoga Skerries, you can sail to the small island of Lakhtosaari. It is a few hundred meters from the Crow`s Gate Rock. 

Sailing up to the island of Lehtosaari, you will see granite terraces with pine trees. However, given the very small size of the island of Lehtosaari, there is no dense forest here, as on the island of Hankosalo. Almost the entire surface of the Lehtosaari terraces is covered with moss and this is the most interesting thing to see here. 

It is best to land by boat on the northern part of the island. There are no convenient bays here, but it is quite possible to go ashore. After that, you can walk along the coastal strip, climbing to the granite terraces. Step on the stones very carefully, because they are all covered with mosses of different colors. The common parmelia moss prevails here. It has a peculiar silver color. In addition, on the island of Lehtosaari, you can also see exotic species of mosses and lichens of various colors: yellow, pink, green and others.