Montossaari island on the Ladoga lake

A boat trip to the island of Montossaari is possible from the village of Berezovsky, which is located on the eastern shore of Lake Ladoga, on the border of the Leningradsky region and Karelia. At this point, the territory of the Ladoga Skerries Nature Reserve begins. 

In the village of Berezovsky there is a developed tourist infrastructure. The «Drive Park Ladoga» Hotel and the «Petrel» campsite are located near the pier. At the entrance to the village there is a Museum of Living History "Archer’s Fortress and Border Outpost". 

At the pier, you can contact the captains of motor boats, with whom you can see the coastline of the island of Montossaari and the nearby small islands of Beloyarsky, Lastochkin and Yagodny. Many tourists come here with their boats or kayaks. Also at the boat station, you can rent boats for a few days to swim independently without haste on the Ladoga skerries. Usually from the village of Berezovsky you can go by boat in the vicinity of the islands of Montossaari and Kilpola Islands. 

Sailing from the village of Berezovsky by boat, it is better not to go directly to the island of Montossaari, but to sail a little north to the small island of Vasikansaari. Here you will see very picturesque granite rocks, which in Ladoga are called "sheep`s foreheads". 

Next, you need to sail along the southern coast of the island of Montossaari. Here you will see picturesque landscapes with numerous campsites where tourists can moor a boat, put up a tent and light a fire. The main purpose of short excursions to the Ladoga Skerries reserve from the village of Berezovsky is the mountain Rullahdenvuori. Its height reaches 57 meters. On the nearby island of Kilpola, there is another high mountain, Ihalavuori (60.5 meters). 

The north shore of the island of Montossaari is a bay between the islands of Montossaari and Kilpola. Kilpola Island is the second largest island on Lake Ladoga after the Valaam Archipelago. Inside the island, there are many lakes with clean drinking water. There are many berries and mushrooms, as well as excellent opportunities for fishing. Many mystical legends are told about the island of Kilpola.