The House of Crafts is near the Tobolsk State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve on the Red Square. One can see the expositions devoted to the Siberian crafts in its rooms. An exhibition of the Siberian masters of bone carving is on the first floor of the museum.

The museum is located in the house of 19 century, which was once a residential building. Then in the Soviet period the building was occupied by an orphanage where a boy Misha grew. Now he is a well-known born-carver Minsalim Timergazeev. Most of his works are on display on the first floor of the museum. Apart from his works, there are many articles of different craft schools of Tobolsk, Arkhangelsk, Yamal, Taymyr and Murmansk at the museum.

The trade tools and the articles ofsmithcraft, potter trade, carpentry, bone carving, brick making, leathercraft and many other crafts are presented on the ground floor of the museum. The master classes of these crafts are also given there. And museum visitors can even try and make a souvenir. Some exhibitions are interactive so one can their exhibits.

There is also a room of woman crafts at the museum. There one can see traditional clothes of Siberian peasants, household items, details of a weaving loom and traditional Siberian carpets.