The local history museum of Perm is the oldest and largest museum in Perm Krai. It is located in the house of Meshkov, which is considered the most beautiful mansion in the historical center of the city.

The house was built in the style of late Russian classicism in 1820. It often changed hands and since 1900 various art exhibitions were held there. Then the building was occupied by various organizations and only in 2007 it was given to the local history museum.

The museum itself was established by the Ural Natural History Lovers Society in 1890. Interesting exhibits related to the history of Perm Krai are now on display at the museum. Each room is devoted to a certain period in the history of Perm region. 

Perm local history museum has 9 branches. They are museums of various writers, including the museum house of Pasternak in the village Vsevolodo-Vilye, museum of Perm antiquities, and wooden architecture museum at the village Khokhlovka, etc.