The embankment of the Olkhovka River is the center of the Lower Park, which began to be created in 1823. The walking area by the Olkhovka River is located between the Narzan Gallery and the Lermontov’s Embankment. There is a monument to Pushkin in the center of the Resort Park. At this place some terrainkurs starts. It rises to the Middle Park and then to the Mountain (Upper) Park. 

In the Lower Park of the Kislovodsky National Park there are monumental buildings that have become the sights of Kislovodsk. Next to the Narzan Gallery there is a Colonnade, which was built as the main entrance to the Resort Park in 1912, for the centenary of the victory over Napoleon. 

Behind the colonnade is the Lermontov monument. In the 19th century there was a large staircase that led up the hill to the most famous restaurant in Kislovodsk and the famous Rebrov House. Pushkin, Lermontov and many other famous people stayed there. Later, the restaurant building was dismantled. Only a large staircase remains of it. A bas-relief of Lermontov was installed on it, and a "Demon Grotto" was made at the bottom. 

Further along the riverbed of the Olkhovka River, you can walk along the Terrainkur No. 1. There are always a lot of parents with children and just vacationers who do not want to go up along the Terrainkurs, towards the Valley of Roses and the Red Sun Mountain. The final point of this lightest Terrainkur No. 1 is located near the Ladies` Caprice Bridge. 

Here you will see the Mirror Pond and the Glass Stream pavilion, as well as the Lermontov’s Embankment. One of the most difficult routes starts from it, which is called "473 steps". This staircase rises from the Olkhovka River to the top of the Pine Mountain (930 meters above sea level).