The viewing point on Red Sun Mountain is the final point for most vacationers to walk, although one of the Terrainkurs goes further to the upper station of the cable car on Small Saddle Mountain. From the viewing point of the Red Sun Mountain, a beautiful view of the entire Kislovodsky National Park opens. 

There are different route options from the Narzan Gallery to the Valley of Roses, and then the slope becomes steeper and only one route is laid to the Red Sun Mountain. It climbs the mountainside, twisting like a serpentine among the dense pine forest. 
The mountain is named "Red Sun", because in the morning you can admire the beautiful sunrises over the Resort Park of Kislovodsk. In clear weather, the snow-covered double-headed peak of Mount Elbrus is visible from here. 

Next to the viewing point there is a cafe with the same name "Red Sun". In 2013, a monument to Lermontov, sculptor N. Khodov, was erected at the edge of the mountain. The great Russian poet Lermontov sits and thoughtfully looks into the distance at the Caucasian ridge. In 2017, the monument was decided to be moved to the Lower Park, but then it was returned back.