Red Sun mountain in Kislovodsk

The lookout of the Red Sun mountain is the end point of most itineraries from Kislovodsk center in Resort park. Though, one terrainkur go on to the upper cableway station. From the lookout of the Red Sun mountain you can have a wonderful view of the entire Resort Park.

Up to the Red Sun mountain all walking paths run through pine groves. There are different alternative paths between the Narzan Gallery and the Rose Valley park, and then the incline gets steeper and one gets to the Red Sun mountain by a serpentine road.

The mountain was given the name «Red Sun» as in the morning one can enjoy a very beautiful view of the sun rising over the Resort Park of Kislovodsk. In a fair weather one can clearly see the snow-capped two-headed Elbrus.

A cafe with the same name is near the lookout of the Red Sun mountain. Earlier, there also was a seated monument to Lermontov looking at the Caucasus Range, but later it was moved to the lower part of the Resort Park.