There are many special routes in the Kislovodsky National Park, which are called Terrainkurs. Terrainkur is a route for therapeutic walking, which doctors prescribe people who are treated in Mineral Water sanatoriums. Poles indicating the covered distance are installed on the terrainkurs. 

In Europe, such terrainkurs are called "The Path of Health". In Kislovodsk, this term is also used. The total length of the terrainkurs reaches 30 kilometers, and they are perfectly integrated in the mountainous landscape of the Kislovodsky National Park

In the middle of the 19th century, Count Vorontsov brought seedlings of rare trees and plants from his Vorontsov Palace in the Crimea to the Resort Park. Since then, the gardeners of the park have specially grown various trees here that purify the air, fill it with phytoncides and decorate the landscape. Doctors of local sanatoriums have developed rehabilitation programs for people after treatment of various diseases on the basis of local terrainkurs. Active therapy on terrainkurs is prescribed even for people with heart diseases.  

The Resort Park has 6 terraced houses numbered: 1, 2, 2a, 2b, 3 and "tourist trail". Terrainkur No. 1 was created in the middle of the 19th century. Its route runs along the Olkhovka River without a height difference. Its length is only 1.6 kilometers.  

Terrainkur No. 2 has three variations of the route and they all pass through the Middle Park. On these routes you will see the main attractions of the Middle Park: the Royal Garden, the Valley of Roses, Red Stones and many others. The route ends at the Red Sun Mountain. Doctors prescribe these routes to people who are undergoing rehabilitation after illnesses.  

Terrainkur No. 3 goes through the Red Sun Mountain to the Small Saddle Mountain. It is quite difficult even for healthy people, as it has a significant climb of 350 meters. The length of the route is about 6 kilometers.