The Valley of Roses is the most beautiful place in the Resort Park of Kislovodsk, which does not leave anyone indifferent who visited it. Several dozen species of roses from all over the world grow in large flower beds. The Valley of Roses covers an area of about 3 hectares. 

The Valley of Roses is surrounded on all sides by groves of coniferous trees; however, decorative trees also grow here: beeches, cypresses, magnolias. Along the valley there is a path on both sides planted with pyramidal thuja. In the upper part of the Valley of Roses there is the pavilion of the Temple of Air and the lower station of the cable car.  

In the lower part of the Valley of Roses there are flower beds planted with roses of various varieties. They are arranged in a staggered order so that you can walk along small paths between them. Roses begin to bloom from the end of June to the end of September.