Viewing points of the Middle Park

There are several Viewing points in the Kislovodsky National Park, which offer beautiful views of Kislovodsk and the Resort Park. The two-headed peak of  Elbrus Mount and the Great Caucasian Ridge are visible from the highest point on Mount Small Saddle.

Three terrainkur routes No. 2 (2, 2a, 2b) pass through the Middle Park. They begin in the Lower (Old) Park, near the monument to Pushkin, and climb past the Royal Garden on the mountainside. Next you will see the Pine Mountain. Its slopes are overgrown with dense pine forest, on the southern slope there is a Rope Park

Climbing further past the Valley of Roses, you will come to the Temple of Air, where both Viewing Points of the Middle Park are located. One of them is located directly near the Temple of Air. You need to approach a rocky ledge, from which you will have a beautiful view of the Resort Park lying at the foot. On the left you will see the Red Sun Mountain

Another viewing point is located 500 meters east of the Temple of Air. To approach it from the Temple of Air, you have to go around the Glade on May 1st. Gray stones are a rocky cliff of gray stones. Here you can also admire the beautiful views of Kislovodsk Park. There are Red Stones 1 kilometers away from the Gray Stones. They are also a rocky cliff, but red-brown in color.