The Royal Garden is located on a hill above the Olkhovka River, in the Lower Park of the Kislovodsky National Park. At the monument to Pushkin, two Terrainkur begin, where you can climb to the Royal Garden. Terrainkur No. 1 approaches it from the north, and Terrainkur No. 2 approaches it from the south. At the foot of the site is the famous Chess House restaurant. 

The Royal Garden was created in the 1880s on a flat area overlooking the river. Gardeners have made a miniature park here with a regular layout. They planted flower beds, installed a fountain in the center. It turned out to be a small garden, like in the royal palace.  

A beautiful pavilion was built in the southern part of the Royal Garden. Previously, it had a beautiful view of the Olkhovka River, but now the trees on the slope have grown and blocked the view of the river. Now on some maps this pavilion is called the Temple of Love, on others – the Royal Pavilion. 

In the center of the Royal Garden in 1902, gardener A.Regel planted fir trees brought from Poland. They are planted in a circle, and the gardener called this composition "Russian round dance". The fir trees have taken root perfectly and now huge fir trees rise above the Royal Garden, which are called "Century-old fir trees" on the maps. 

In the northern part of the Royal Garden there are flower beds with a regular layout. This place is called the "Rose Garden" or "Rose Alley". Do not confuse it with the Valley of Roses – the most famous attraction of the Kislovodsky National Park. It is located on a mountain slope much higher than the Royal Garden.