The monument of Sergey Yesenin, great Russian poet, was installed at the Cathedral Park on the steep bank of the Trubezh river, near the Church of Transfiguration on Yar. The poet stands with widely stretched arms as if symbolizing the width of Russian soul.

They love and honor Yesenin in Ryazan. So, in 1975, by the 80th birthday anniversary of the poet, it was decided to install a monument to him at the Cathedral Park. The large figure of the poet passionately reciting his poems seems to grow from the land. The author of the monument was Alexander Kibalnikov, sculptor and honorary citizen of Ryazan.

Maples, rowans and birches berimed by Yesenin are behind the monument. The bronze monument is on the postament of green Pamir granite. The stone with the flying crane cut in it is also behind the monument. Yesenin often used this image in his verses.