The park at the estate of Gorki has an area of about 10 thousand hectares. Most of the park is on a flat ground but near the main house there is a rather steep descent to the Turovka river.

There are a lot of interesting places in different parts of the park, such as: a conservatory, the museum of peasant household, the burial mounds of the Viatichi, as well as the Big and Small ponds. At the Lower Park there is the above mentioned descent to the Turovka river. Near the path you can see a round rotunda where Lenin liked to have a rest during his walks.

The most interesting sights of the park are: the main house and the Kremlin study of Lenin connected by the funeral alley. The funeral alley is also a separate sight of the park. The coffin with the body of Lenin was carried along this alley to the railway station Gerasimovo. The marble monument «The funeral of the Chief» by S. Merkurov is at the beginning of the alley. 

The Gorki landscape park was severely damaged by the hurricane of 2000. Previously the park was among the best parks of Europe. As a result of the natural disaster there were fallen over 1200 trees. Currently, the park, both its regular and landscape parts, is being restored. There were planted several new lime alleys.