Saransk attractions

A small but very comfortable city of Saransk is the capital of the Republic of Mordovia. It is in the Volga region, not far from Nizhniy Novgorod, Kazan, Ulyanovsk and Samara, large Russian cities located directly at the Volga river.

Saransk was founded in 1641, as a fortress of the Zasechnaya Cherta (fortified line), which stretched from Belgorod to Ulyanovsk. The strongest fortifications were built in Saransk in 1703. In 1670 Saransk was captured by the troops of Stepan Razin. In July 1774 the host of Yemelyan Pugachev stayed in the city.

It will be very interesting to have a tour of the historical center of Saransk. All tourists note an agreeable, well-kept and beautiful look of the city. All main tourist attractions are within a walking distance from one another and the historical center looks well-balanced.

The most interesting sights of the city are near the Pushkin Park. It was just there, on the high bank of the small river Saranka, that the city fortress was located. Now a big park is on the low bank of the river. And on the high bank of the river the Cathedral of St. Theodor Ushakov and the memorial military complex are located. Fontanny spusk (Fountain descent) is between the park and the Soviet Square. There are always walking a lot of people on the spusk.

The Millennium Square is to the north of the Cathedral of St. Theodor Ushakov. The square was opened in 2012 by the Thousandth Anniversary of the Unification of Mordovian and Russian peoples. It is a very big and beautiful square. The Star of Mordovia, the Russia`s highest fountain, is in the center of the square. The beautiful glass building of the Mordovia State University towers over the Millennium Square.

By all means should you visit the Museum of Fine Arts to acquaint oneself with the work of a famous Mordovian sculptor Stepan Erzya (Nefedov), as well as see the pictures of well-known Russian and Mordovian painters.

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Saransk. A monument to the soldiers of the I World war, near the Cathedral of Feodor Ushakov
The highest in Russia fountain Star of Mordovia at the Millennium Square in Saransk
Pushkin Park on the banks of the river Saranka
Monument Mother-Mordovia gives a sword Son-Soldier in Saransk
Basket Hall at the Millennium Square in Saransk
The building of the Mordovian State University at the Millennium Square in Saransk
Saransk. The Opera and ballet theatre of Yaushev
Head of Moses, carved out of wood (height 1.5 m), by the sculptor Stepan Ersia
The sculpture Passion of the sculptor Stepan Erzya in the Museum of Fine Art in Saransk
A view of the Cathedral of Fyodor Ushakov from the side of Pushkin Park
Saransk. The Cathedral of Saint Righteous warrior Feodor Ushakov
Colonnade of Memorial War Complex in Saransk
Museum of Military and Labor feat 1941-1945 in Saransk
Mordovian Farmstead is located on the banks of the river Saranka
The Museum of wooden architecture Mordovian Farmstead in Saransk
National Museum Local Lori of the Republic Mordovia at the Saranskaya street
National dress of Mordva in Saransk Museum of Local lore
Pugachev hut near Trekhsvyatskaya Church, where was formerly a Museum of Local Lore
Tile on the Millennium Square in Saransk is in the Mordovian lined patterns
The building of the Pushkin library in Millennium Square in Saransk
The monument to the Heroes of the First World war in Saransk
Fyodor Ushakov Cathedral and Alexander Nevsky Chapel in Saransk
The fountains in the square in front of the Opera house in Saransk
The Opera house in Saransk near the Millenium Square
Two-storey house of the restaurant Mordovian cuisine in the Mordovian Farmstead
Walking paths between the wooden houses of the Mordovian Farmstead
The House of Councils at the Soviet square, where a Fountain Descent begins
Monument to Alexander Pushkin in the Fountain Descent in Saransk
The monument to the founders of Saransk on Fountain Descent in Saransk
Monument to the naval commander Fyodor Ushakov on the Alley of Fame in Saransk