Sibirskaya Street is included in all tourist routes of Perm, as there remained many historical buildings of the 19th century. In the past Sibirskaya Street was the main road leading from Moscow to the Yegoshikha copper smeltery. Near it a settlement appeared, which later developed in the town Perm.

The most interesting part of Sibirskaya Street is between Theatre public park, where Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre is located, and Pushkin Street. At the intersection of the latter street is the House of Dyagilev, the famous organizer of Russian seasons in Paris, which opened Russian ballet to the world.

In the north Sibirskaya Street abuts on the public park of Reshetnikov on the high bank of the Kama. A local history museum is near this place. If you go south along the street, then opposite the theatre you can see a triangular house of Osip and Lilya Brik, the former friends of Mayakovsky. Near it is the building of the old hotel «Royal Rooms».

There are many historical houses, which once belonged to merchants and the nobility, on Sibirskaya Street. Now they are occupied by apartments as well as various organizations and shops.