Abalak fortress is locate  in 20 kilometers from Tobolsk, in a small Abalak village near the Znamenski Monastery. It is the most interesting reconstruction of a Siberian fortress of the time of Yermak.

As is known, Yermak Timofeyevich had two main battles with the Siberian Tatars. The first battle with the main forces of Khan Kuchum took place on Chuvash Cape, near Iskar or Qashliq, the capital of the Khanate of Sibir (17 km from the today Tobolsk).

The second battle, after the death of Yermak, took place at the Abalak fortress of the Tatar prince Memetkul, the nephew of Khan Kuchum, in December 1584. The battle ended in complete defeat and escape of the troops of Memetkul. After that the fate of the Khanate of Sibir was predestined. It was soon annexed to Russia.

So, the Abalak stockade, which is located on the beautiful bank of the Irtysh river, is not only an amusement center but also a place related to the conquest of Siberia. All building are made from wood in the fortress. There is also a hotel and many entertainment establishments at the «Abalak» center. One of the buildings is occupied by the Museum of Yermak.