Anapa embankment begins near the confluence of the Anapa River into the Black Sea and stretches for 1.5 kilometers to the Sea Station. Anapa is one of the most popular and developed resorts in Russia on the Black Sea, so you can find entertainment for every taste on the embankment. There are many cafes and restaurants of fine cuisine, as well as nightclubs. 

Anapa embankment is divided into two zones. From the Anapa River to the Park 30 anniversary of Victory, Anapa Embankment runs along the sandy beach. Then the Embankment stretches for 300 meters along the park. Here it is a green area with attractions. Next to the park is the entrance to the Golden Beach Water Park, which is one of the largest on the entire Black Sea coast. There is also a Ferris wheel and other attractions. 

The beach ends near the Gorgippia Museum. Here the Anapa Embankment rises up the stairs to the hill. On this hill was the center of the ancient city of Gorgippia. This part of the embankment is a promenade with beautiful columns and art objects. In the evening there are always a lot of people who come here for a walk, as well as to eat in numerous cafes and restaurants. There are also night clubs here. One of the symbols of this part of the embankment is a Brig with Scarlet Sails.