Pioneer Avenue is the longest street in Anapa. It starts at the Anapa River estuary in the city center and stretches for 10 kilometers along the seashore to the village of Vityazevo. This avenue was built in Soviet times as a road along the numerous pioneer camps of Anapa. Thanks to them, the city has become the main children`s resort of the country. 

More than a hundred pioneer camps and guest houses were built along the Pioneer Avenue of Anapa on both sides in Soviet times. The first children`s sanatorium Bimlyuk was built here in 1909. After that, camps with specific names appeared: Happy childhood, Chamomile, the Sun, as well as Miner`s glory, Kuban oilman, Metallurgist. Our "happy childhood" is in the past, just like the pioneer camps. In their place, modern spa complexes and hotels with their own territory have appeared. 

The width of the sandy beaches on Pioneer Avenue reaches 100 meters. Here they are much wider than in the center of Anapa. In some places of Pioneer Avenue there are sand dunes, as on the Curonian Spit in the Kaliningrad region.  

Many beaches of Pioneer Avenue are covered with quartz sand. It is very good for health. Moms often sprinkle quartz sand on their children when they sunbathe on the beach. It warms up, restores and heals the child`s body. For adults, this sand is also very useful. 

Nowadays, hotels have appeared on Pioneer Avenue. Their territory is closed to outsiders, however, the beaches on Pioneer Avenue are open to everyone. From the center of Anapa to the village of Vityazevo along the avenue there are many minibuses that can take you to any beach. On average, the distance from Pioneer Avenue to the beach is about 300 meters.  

The beaches and sand dunes of Pioneer Avenue are a very famous attraction of Anapa, but Pioneer Avenue itself is just a road along hotels and holiday homes. There is no promenade on it for pleasant walks and relaxation.