The mud volcano Plevak is located on the shore of the Sea of Azov, on the westernmost edge of the Taman Peninsula. There are about 30 mud volcanoes in this area, but only a few of them are active. The remaining volcanoes have turned into mud baths with different levels of infrastructure for taking balneological procedures. 

  The Mud Volcano Plevak is active. In the crater of the volcano you can see constantly bubbling bubbles of gases coming to the surface. The Plevak volcano has a large crater size (about 30 meters in diameter). It is one of the few where there is no infrastructure and there is no charge for entry to it. That is, the Plevak volcano can be fully called a natural attraction. 

Mud from volcanoes on the Taman Peninsula is saturated with hydrogen sulfide, bromine, iodine and other trace elements. This makes it useful for taking balneological procedures. The most famous balneological resorts in Russia, where procedures based on therapeutic mud are carried out, are Yevpatoria in the Crimea, as well as Lake Elton in the Volgograd region.   

Mud volcanoes of the Taman Peninsula in the vicinity of Anapa cannot be called balneological resorts. Although the infrastructure is beginning to take shape on some of them. For example, a four-star hotel has been built next to the Tidzar mud volcano (20 kilometers from the Plevak volcano). On the volcanoes of Hephaestus or Shugo there are stairs to descend into the mud font. There is nothing on Mud Volcano Plevak. 

Many people note that the mud of volcanoes has a positive cosmetic effect on the skin. The therapeutic effect on the human body can be achieved only by passing a course of several procedures, subject to the doctor`s instructions. Procedures with therapeutic mud of the lakes of Yevpatoria, for example, can be taken only according to the doctor`s instructions, no more than 10-20 minutes. Dirt can only be applied to problem areas of the skin.  

There are no strict regulations for procedures on mud volcanoes of Taman, but even here the procedures for "bathing" in mud should not exceed 15 minutes. After that, people go to wash off into the Sea of Azov, if it is located near a volcano. The volcanoes Plevak and Tidzar are located on the shore of the Sea of Azov. Other volcanoes are located far from the coast. There the dirt needs to be washed off with water from cans or in shower cabins.