The village of Varvarovka is located 3 kilometers from the western outskirts of Anapa. 5 kilometers to the east is the small resort of Sukko. The village of Varvarovka is located in a mountain valley, which runs 1 kilometer parallel to the seashore.   

The stele, where the Great Caucasian Ridge begins, is located 2 kilometers from the village of Varvarovka. Next to this stele there is a magnificent tourist location "Swallow`s Nests". This is a beautiful viewing point from where you can see the city of Anapa and the coastline of the village of Varvarovka. 

The village of Varvarovka is located in the mountain valley of the Semisamovsky mountain range (250 m above sea level). Here the mountains are more like rocky hills with numerous depressions. The climate of these places, as well as the rocky soil, are great for growing grapes and winemaking.  

The village of Varvarovka appeared at the end of the 19th century, when General Pavlov founded two farms here. He named one of them after his daughter Varvara. At the beginning of the 20th century, Czechs settled in it. They built here several traditional Czech houses (white walls and roofs with red tiles). They have survived to the present day. In the village there is a winery "Rocky Coast" and vineyards. The futuristic building of the winery is very impressive. Many people come here for excursions and tastings. 

In the village of Varvarovka on the hillside is the Church of St. Barbara. It was built in 2014 in the style of the old Russian Vladimir temples of the 11th century. At the foot of the hill there is a holy spring with drinking water, where many locals come.

Despite the village itself is located in a mountain valley, it has access to the sea and the beach. This beach is called Varvarovskaya Crack. You can walk there along the mountain valley, which was formed by the Shingary River. In Anapa, all beaches are covered with golden sand, but starting from Varvarovka, and then for hundreds of kilometers to Sochi, all beaches are pebbly.  

To the Varvarovskaya Crack beach, you can go through the Shingari Sanatorium (passage through it can be paid) or past the Anapolis residential complex. Varvarovskaya Crack beach is not very wide (20-30 meters) and it is bounded by a sheer cliff. The water on the beach is quite clean, just like on the Beach in Sukko. There are never any problems with kamka algae, as on the beaches of Anapa.