Park 30 anniversary of Victory in Anapa

Park 30 anniversary of Victory is located in the historical center of Anapa. It opens onto the Anapa Embankment, creating a single entertainment and gastronomic zone with it. Also nearby is the Golden Beach Water Park, which is one of the largest on the Black Sea coast of Russia. 

The Park 30 anniversary of Victory was created in 1975. Then it was just a park with alleys for walking, but over time it became the main entertainment area of the city. Children`s attractions have appeared in different parts of the park. Near the park there is a Ferris wheel. From the top you can see the entire city center, as well as the Central beach of Anapa. In summer it is always crowded with people.  In the park there is one of the entrances to the Golden Beach Water Park, which is visited by many people every day. 

In addition to attractions, there are many fountains in the Park 30 anniversary of Victory. The largest fountain is located near the Anapa Administration building. During the day it works like an ordinary fountain, and in the evening a light and music performance begins here. It invariably attracts people strolling through the park.  

There are many art objects in the park. One of the most popular was a small Monument to the White Hat. It has become a symbol of the city and there are always many people who want to be photographed with this hat. Opposite the hat is the Cosmonauts Alley. Cosmonauts are planting trees here. This tradition first appeared in the Riviera Park in Sochi. The building of the Summer Stage is located opposite the Cosmonauts Alley. During the summer season, the most popular artists of Russia perform here every day.