The magnificent Assumption cathedral isn’t just rising above all the other buildings of the Ryazan Kremlin but also can be seen from many parts of the city. The cathedral built in the style of Naryshkin baroque is the symbol of Ryazan.

In 17 century it was decided to build a big summer cathedral at the Ryazan Kremlin, near the small cathedral of the Nativity of Christ. The construction of the new cathedral was started in 1677 but it collapsed in 1692. In May 1693 they began to erect another cathedral. The construction works were headed by Russian architect Yakov Bukhvostov.

The cathedral was consecrated in 1702. The cathedral reaches the height of 72 meters, with an area of 1600 sq. meters. It is the largest cathedral of Naryshkin baroque in Russia. As a result of its huge size, the Assumption cathedral got very dilapidated already a hundred years later. It was even planned to dismantle the cathedral. But in 1804 it underwent a large-scale restoration and was again consecrated.

The Assumption cathedral has one of the largest iconostases in Russia. It was created by the artel of carvers from the Moscow Armoury in 1699. The height of this 7-tier iconostasis is 27 meters. It is rich in carving characteristic of Naryshkin baroque. The icons (155) were painted by Nikolai Solomonov, icon painter and follower of Simon Ushakov, at the end of 17 century.

The cathedral also has a gorgeous exterior. At the level of the first floor of the Palace of Prince Oleg the cathedral is surrounded by a gallery. The gallery is connected to the palace by a passage. The columns, portals and window casings are decorated by beautiful white stone carving of Yakov Bukhvostov and his team.