Barcelona seafront

Barcelona seafront promenade stretches from the Columbus monument to the Museum of the history of Catalonia. This location is home to the Marina, the Barcelona Aquarium, and the Maremagnum shopping center. There are many sculptures among palm trees on the embankment.

The pedestrian promenade of Barcelona is called Mol de la Fusta. The busy Columbus Avenue runs along the waterfront in a tunnel. A partial overlap has been built over it, which is essentially a very wide pedestrian promenade along which a palm alley stretches.

The port authority building is located next to the Columbus monument on the waterfront. The Rambla de Mar wooden pedestrian bridge starts at this building and leads over the water to the Shopping center and Aquarium. It is movable so that yachts can sail out of the Marina.

The Marina`s water area is located along the embankment, where pleasure yachts are moored. On the waterfront, you can see a sculpture of a Lobster, and next to it is a sculpture of Roy Lichtenstein, which is called "the Face of Barcelona".

Then there is another Marina where large yachts are moored. This used to be the warehouse premises of the old port. The area did not look very nice, however, before the 1992 Olympics everything was completely reconstructed. The warehouse space houses the Museum Of the history of Catalonia. On the street in front of the Museum, there are popular restaurants offering Catalan cuisine and seafood.