Santa Maria del Pi cathedral in Barcelona

The Cathedral of Santa Maria del PI was built in the 14th century in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. The first early Christian temple existed here since 413. In 987, a new Church was built in its place next to a pine forest, and it was named Santa Maria del PI. In Spanish, "del PI" means " at the pine tree."

The extant Cathedral of Santa Maria del PI was built between 1319 and 1391. It consists of a single nave with a length of 54 meters. There are many stained glass windows, but most of them were restored in the 20th century. There are many chapels dedicated to various saints along the walls of the Cathedral. There is a large stained-glass rosette on the facade, and a pine tree still grows near it.

Above the Cathedral of Santa Maria del PI rises an octagonal bell tower with 6 bells. The largest of them, Saint Anthony, has a weight of 1.6 tons. Its ringing can be heard throughout the Gothic Quarter. The height of the bell tower reaches 54 meters.