The Gaudi Exhibition center is located on the New square in the Gothic Quarter, near the entrance to the Cathedral. Sometimes it is simply called the "Gaudi Center". In fact, this is a new Museum dedicated to the work of Gaudi. The usual exhibits are combined with interactive expositions based on 3D technologies.

The Gothic mansion near the entrance to the Cathedral was built in 1423. Since 1916, this mansion has housed the Diocesan archaeological Museum of Barcelona. However, in 2015, the interior of the Museum was completely reconstructed and a permanent exhibition "Gaudi`s route" was opened here. Many religious exhibits of the Episcopal Museum have been preserved, but they fit into the General concept, since Gaudi`s works was largely related to religion.

With the help of new technologies, the creators of the exhibition tried to reveal the original ideas that guided Gaudi in the implementation of his architectural solutions. Many exhibits are dedicated to decor. Special attention attracts the kaleidoscope. It changes the patterns of the trencadis style, which Gaudi used in almost all of his works. The sight is fascinating.

The Museum has many original documents. All of them are supplemented with video and audio materials. The Gaudi Center present information about almost all of his significant works. Describes how he tried to convey his ideas to the builders. At that time there were no 3D computer programs that would allow Gaudi to visualize the curved lines of buildings that prevailed in Gaudi`s work. He had to hang chains to a platform in the form of a Cathedral or a house, and at the bottom of the mirror to explain to the builders what he wanted them to do.