The beautiful Catalunya Square is one of the most popular places in Barcelona. Tourists finish their walk along La Rambla Boulevard, and local residents come to the numerous shopping centers that are located on all sides of the square and on the surrounding streets. Here the shopping center in Barcelona is located.

Until 1858, this site was a large wasteland outside the city walls. When these walls were demolished, it was decided to create the largest square in the city at that time. According to the results of the competition, the project of the architect Ildefons Serda was selected. He suggested laying out a circle of granite slabs of different colors in the center of the square. It symbolizes the sun. Fountains and alleys radiate in different directions like rays. Previously, there were always a lot of pigeons in the square. As in the Piazza San Marco in Venice, they were all hand-fed. However, in recent years, the authorities have prohibited to feed them.

Monumental buildings of traditional Catalan architecture surround the square. Most of these houses were built under General Franco. In the square, there are many sculptures of architects Pablo Gargallo and Josep Limona. There are also large sculptures composition, such as "Goddess" and "Youth". Fountains are also installed in various places of the square.