A monument to Columbus is installed in the old port of Barcelona. Here he was met in 1493, when he returned from his journey with the news of the discovery of a New route to India across the Atlantic. The square where the monument is installed is called the Portal de Plato, which means "Gate of the World". Here the famous La Rambla Boulevard begins.

After returning from the journey, Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon received Christopher Columbus at The King`s Palace, which is located in the Gothic quarter.

The monument to Columbus was built by the architect Gayetana Buigas y Monrava in 1888 for the world exhibition EXPO. The height of the column reaches 60 meters, and the height of the bronze sculpture of Columbus himself is 7.2 meters. Inside the column, there is an elevator that allows climbing to the observation deck upstairs.

The column is mounted on an octagonal pedestal with lions. There are the medallions with images of people who were close to Columbus hang on pedestal. Also you can see 4 large sculptures of the goddess Nika, and a lot of other sculptures of different sizes.