Barcelona Zoo is deservedly called one of the best in Europe. It was established in 1892. On the territory of 13 hectares, animals live without cages (with some exceptions). For many of them, quite spacious lawns have been created. The zoo is part of the famous Ciutadella Park in Barcelona.

In the Barcelona Zoo, you can see more than 300 animals and birds. There is also a large number of rare trees and plants growing here. The creators of the Barcelona zoo designed spaces for various animals, separated by moats with water and hedges. Thus, animals, although limited in movement, do not live in cramped cages. This allows visitors to observe them in their natural habitat.

The most famous inhabitant of the Barcelona Zoo, of course, was the only known science albino gorilla, nicknamed Snowball. In 2001, he was diagnosed with skin cancer. In 2003, he was forced to be euthanized at the age of 40. There were no albinos among Snowball`s numerous offspring. Now the Snowball is the symbol of the Barcelona Zoo.

Other rare animal species here include the Borneo orangutan, giant anteaters, tapirs, Asian lion, Rothschild`s giraffe, Humboldt`s Peruvian penguins, Dorcas Gazelle and many others.