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Cathedral of St. George the Victorious in Far End

The Cathedral of St. George the Victorious in Far End is the second temple of Kaluga after the Trinity Cathedral. It was built in 1700 during the reign of Peter I and now it houses the main shrine of Kaluga – the miraculous Icon of Our Lady of Kaluga.  
After the closure of the Trinity Cathedral in 1924, the Cathedral of St. George the Victorious became the main Cathedral of Kaluga in 1926. In 1999, the Trinity Cathedral was returned to the church, and it again became the main temple of Kaluga.  

Kaluga was once divided into two parts. The Kaluga Kremlin was located on the high bank of the Oka River and the Berezuisky ravine. The deep 160-meter Berezuisky ravine divided the city into two parts: the Historical center and the Far End. The ravine had to be driven around the End, so the area of the city behind the ravine was called "The Far End". It was a poor area where artisans settled. A Stone Bridge over the Berezuisky ravine connected two separated districts of Kaluga.  

The definition of "in the Far End " was preserved in the name of the Cathedral of St. George the Victorious, since it was the main temple of the poor district behind the Berezuisky ravine. The Trinity Cathedral is located on the territory of the former Kaluga Kremlin. Now it is the territory of Central Park.  

The Cathedral of St. George the Victorious was built on the initiative of the village elder of Kaluga Ivan Korobov in 1 year. The temple looks very monumental. The lower winter temple and the upper summer temple are located on two floors. There are covered galleries on the second floor. The height of St. George`s Cathedral is 43 meters, and its length is 23 meters.  

The exterior and interior of the temple are made in the traditional Russian terem style. The iconostasis of 1770 has been preserved in the upper church. A monumental staircase leads from the courtyard to the upper church of the Cathedral of St. George the Victorious.