The Shopping Mall of Kaluga is an architectural complex of shopping malls, built in the period from 1784 to 1823. Kaluga became one of the first cities in Russia where a shopping center was built as a single complex. After the annexation of the lands of Ukraine to Russia in 1654, Kaluga became one of the important trade centers of this region. 

In 1786 Kaluga became the capital of a new province. The first governor, Mikhail Krechetnikov, after his appointment to Kaluga, offered local merchants to demolish the chaotic construction of their shops on the Old Torg Square. In this place, he decided to build a Kaluga Shopping Mall, where all the shops and warehouses are made according to a single project. 

Shopping Mall in Kaluga was built according to the project of architect Peter Nikitin, who developed the master plan for the development of the center of Kaluga. At first, there was a discussion among merchants about the allocation of shops in the new Shopping Mall, but in general, the trading buildings were ready by 1823.  

After the construction was completed, a large square was made in front of the Shopping Mall, which became the main one in the city. From 1937 to 1991 it was called Lenin Square, but in 1991 it was given back the name Old Torg. There was a monument to Lenin on the square in front of the Kaluga Region Administration building until 2017, but it was moved to another place. Now there is a monument to Prince Ivan III on the main square of Kaluga. 

Nowadays, the Shopping Mall of Kaluga has been completely restored and has become one of the tourist attractions of the city. Various entertainment events are regularly held on the square inside the Shopping Mall. Shops are located in 14 buildings.