Mega projects for skyscraper construction rapidly turn Dubai in a major megalopolis, but it still remains one of the best beach destinations in winter when it gets cold in the Mediterranean. In Dubai you can bathe even in January. The beaches of Dubai have snow-white sand and transparent calm waters.

The greatest impression is made by the district of skyscrapers, located along Sheikh Zayed Avenue. So far, it isn’t a full-pledged city, but rows of skyscrapers along the road. Empty spaces are beyond the skyscrapers, but Dubai is actively built up and there are no doubts that in 10 years it will be hardly different from New York. Single-storeyed buildings of Jumeirah are along the sea. It is there that the best beaches of Dubai and various entertainment parks are located.

For many years the most luxurious hotel in world, Burj-al-Arab, has been a symbol of Dubai. This sail-shaped hotel is a bright example of exceptional luxury and elite rest in Dubai. And its 7-star rating is quite justified, even though any hotel can have no more than 5 stars. But Burj-al-Arab isn’t any hotel. It has only two-floor suites with area starting from 170 m2 and the highest service level.

In 2010 Dubai has got a new symbol – it was the world`s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. The race for the status of the world`s tallest building is continuing, but if before the next «tallest» skyscraper was only several dozens of meters taller than the previous one, the Arabs decided to build a skyscraper of 828 meters, and it is nearly twice as high as its predecessor. And this is the essence of Dubai. If you are going to have something, which is the best or the tallest one, there can be no compromises.

At the foot of the Burj Khalifa there located the world`s biggest musical fountain the «Dubai Fountain». In the evening you can see musical performances with water shooting to the height of 150 meters. Nearby there located the world`s largest shopping center the Dubai Mall, where you must visit the Dubai Aquarium. By the way, it has the world`s largest acrylic panel.

Dubai consists of several districts, which are separate from one another. The oldest of them – Deira District, is on both sides of the Dubai Creek. There you can visit various markets: Gold Market, Spice Market, and the Abraj Shopping Center, which is perhaps the best place to buy a fur coat in Dubai.

By all means should you come to the Marina Dubai. Probably, it is the only place designed for deliberate promenades. In the other places of Dubai the distances are too great for you feel yourself on a comfortable resort. Marina Dubai is around the bay, where private yachts and pleasure boats are moored. It is completely built up by skyscrapers and along the waterfront there is an endless line of restaurants offering dishes of all world cuisines. In Marina Dubai skyscrapers come close to the sea, and nearby there located the famous man-made Palm Peninsula.

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Children on a Jumeirah beach in Dubai
The world`s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Its height is 828 meters, which is almost twice as high as the other high-rise buildings
Parking near the entrance of a residental building in Marina Dubai
Water and fire shows of the musical fountain in Dubai
Skyscrapers on Sheikh Zayed Avenue and single-floor buildings of Jumeirah District on the sea coast
Skyscrapers on Sheikh Zayed Avenue in Dubai
View on the Dubai Mall, the world`s largest shopping center, from the skyscraper Burj Khalifa
Hall of expensive boutiques at the Dubai Mall
Acrylic panel of Dubai Aquarium is the largest one in the world
Dubai has the world`s largest aquarium by the volume of water
Giant teeth of 5-meter predators over the heads of the visitors of Dubai Aquarium 
Bursts of fire during the Dubai Fountain performance
Dubai Fountain can shoot water to the height of 150 meters
Marina Dubai is the most fashionable district of Dubai. There are chic apartment skyscrapers and the bay for mooring yachts in the district
Residental buildings round the bay of Marina Dubai
Residental buildings over the Marina Dubai Bay where yachts are moored
Dubai Creek is the place where the city of Dubai was founded
Cargo ships at the port of the Dubai Creek in Dubai
Boats used to carry tourists across the Dubai Creek in Dubai
People, which are carried across the Dubai Creek in Dubai
Abraj Shopping Center is the main place where fur coats are sold in Dubai
Traffic interchanges on Sheikh Zayed Avenue at the foot of the skyscraper Burj Khalifa in Dubai
Dubai Fountain is located on the man-made lake of 12 hectares at the foot of the skyscraper Burj Khalifa
Minarets of the Jumeirah Mosque
Along the coast are the buildings of Jumeirah District overshadowed by the skyscrapers of Dubai
Bicycle paths along a Jumeirah beach
Beach at the Burj-al-Arab Hotel in Dubai
Water and sand are perfectly clean on the beaches of Dubai
Hall of expensive boutiques at the Dubai Mall
Aston Martin lottery at the hall of the Dubai Mall