Lake Zurich photo

Lake Zurich is one of the largest lakes in Switzerland. It is 40 kilometers long. Zurich is located at the point where the broad Limmat river flows out of the lake. Along this river, there is a beautiful promenade, that continues along the Eastern shore of the lake.

The range of Alpine mountains is located a few dozen kilometers to the South, so lake Zurich is surrounded only by hills: Albis, Pfannenstiel and Zimmerberg. The height of the lake above sea level is 409 meters.

On the Eastern shore of lake Zurich, the most expensive quarters of Zurich are located. There are marinas for yachts. Here you can also take a pleasure boat to make a water tour of lake Zurich and the Limmat river.

The area of Zurich that overlooks the waterfront of lake Zurich is called Bellevue (Beautiful view). It is really very beautiful here. The Zurich Opera is located next to the waterfront. Along the East Bank for 2 kilometers is a beautiful embankment with a Park area that stretches to the Chinese garden of Zurich. There are always a lot of people here.

If we talk about the resort infrastructure on the shore of the lake itself, it is not very developed. For recreation on the lake, people prefer lake Geneva or lake Constance, as well as lakes in the Alpine mountains.