Limmatquai in Zurich

Zurich was founded by the Romans at the place where the Limmat river flows out of lake Zurich. Over time, the Limmat river Embankment has become one of the most pleasant places to walk around the Old City. Beautiful facades of 19th-century houses overlook the river. Here you can feel the atmosphere of a thriving city.

Almost all the main attractions of the city are located in the immediate vicinity of the Limmat embankment, between lake Zurich and the Main Train station. The old City is located along the right Bank of the river, and the Roman customs post of Taricum, which later developed to the city of Zurich, is located on a high hill on the left Bank.

The Swiss called the embankment of Limmat - Limmatquai. It stretches for 800 meters from the Wasserkirsche (Water Church) to the Bahnhofbrucke (Train Station bridge). Here are the Grossmunster, the City Hall, and beautiful houses from the 19th century.

The opposite Bank is also beautiful. From there you can admire the beautiful buildings of the Old City, which are located along the Limmatquai. On this side are located the ancient churches of Fraumunster and St. Peter, as well as the Linderhof hill.