The spire of the Predigerkirche Church rises above the Old City of Zurich. Monks of the Dominican order founded a monastery here in 1231, and the Predigerkirche Church was consecrated in 1269. Today it is one of the main Protestant churches in Zurich.

The monks gathered a large library in the Predigerkirche monastery, taught the residents of the city, and held free dinners. Thus, the Predigerkirche became the cultural center of Zurich. In the 14th century, the Romanesque appearance of the Church was completely reconstructed in the Gothic style. The Church did not have a high steeple of the bell tower at that time.

During the reformation of the 16th century, the Predigerkirche monastery was closed. Part of the Predigerkirche Church was even used as a granary, but services were still performed in its part near the altar. In 1607, the nave of the Church was reconstructed in the Baroque style.

In 1879, a fire broke out in the monastery. The monastery building burned down, but the Predigerkirche Church was decided to completely restore. At that time the 97-meter-high Gothic bell tower was erected, which became one of the dominant buildings in Zurich.

Like all Protestant churches in Zurich, the interior of the Predigerkirche is very strict and ascetic. There are no ornaments, sculptures, or bas-reliefs. However, unlike the Grossmunster, there are 2 organs and a Grand piano, which often give concert performances.