National Museum of Zurich photo

The National Museum of Zurich is located next to the Main train station. Its exhibitions are located in a building similar to a medieval castle. Here you can get acquainted with the history and culture of Switzerland from the Neolithic to the present day.

Several halls of the exhibition are dedicated to prehistoric times. Here you can see the finds of paleontological and archaeological expeditions, see how the appearance of these lands was formed millions of years ago. The exhibition contains many finds from the sites of ancient people from the Stone Age, as well as later periods.

Several halls are dedicated to the Middle Ages, chivalry culture and weapons of those times. In the Museum, you can learn how Zurich developed for several centuries under the abbess of the Fraumunster monastery, and then moved on to the reformation era, initiated by the Christian theologian Ulrich Zwingli, pastor of the Grossmunster Church.

One of the exhibition is dedicated to the New time when Zurich has already become the main industrial and financial center of Switzerland. Separately here is a collection of furniture and room interiors from different epochs and styles. There are exhibitions dedicated to various crafts and art.